How To Advertise On Google?

If you are wondering on How To Advertise On Google?, then this article is for you. There are many ways to advertise on Google. Advertising here means appearing on Google. So that customers can find your business , and you get direct leads.

Step by Step process with most Easiest way is mentioned in this article. So make sure you read this complete article to get best out of advertising with no efforts at all.

Google Ads Word

Google Ads word is something which allows you appear in top search result of Google. This is just like your mobile Phone recharge. You need to have a Google Ads word account and put money on it. amount gets deducted from this fund as per “per click” , one your fund gets exhausted , you will need to put the fund again to run your ads.

you will require to set your ads as per keywords in your industry and location. This will you get noticed and get leads from there. But This process is bit expensive .

Another best way is to appear organically on Google. you will need to optimize you website with SEO service. a website with proper SEO appears on Google top . But for This you need have a website first and lots of funds to getting SEO services.

What if you can’t afford for SEO or don’t have a website?

This Answer is get listed on some advertising website with already optimized. There Are websites where you can list your business and get free customers from there. and are websites offfering this service. call or what’s app for getting more details: +91 8013470356

For example if you are a jeweller and if they include your name is top jewellers in city, you get calls from customers. You get noticed. These two platforms also provides website design and SEO servies.

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